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Hey everyone,

i've got a quick question if we should provide a non hardcore rush 32 players Valparaiso server for our community. Because we don't have unlimited resources (we should have but without further donations on a more frequent base this is not possible) I want to start a vote if you're interested in such a server. Feel free to vote until february. If we get enough "yes"-votes we'll release a public server for testing. If this server will get visited regularly during a two week test then I'll keep it online for a longer time.

If you have some additions or questions feel free to ask!

Server details:
  • non hardcore
  • 32 players
  • valparaiso only
  • rush only
  • gameme statistics
  • global kandru banlist (https://banlist.kandru.net)
  • defaul respawn time (no instant respawn)


BFBC2 Admin
I'd say you include these :
- No borders
- Unlimited Mags
- Hill climbing
- Valparaiso + Isla

Giving players freedom to do anything on the map :)


Staff member
Are you sure there are enough users to fill both servers? I mean the users may have to choose between them and one server could easily get empty :/
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