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TS3Proxy aims to be a complete solution for a TeamSpeak 3 proxy. It allows you to hide the original location of your TeamSpeak 3 server and may be a good choice to defeat DDoS attacks. Just use multiple instances for different kind of people (like admins, moderators, members and guests) on different virtual machines (in different data centers of course). And it's ideal for users that want to hide their original client IP address.
  • Proxy TS3 UDP Port
  • Proxy TS3 Filetransfer Port
  • Proxy TS3 Serverquery Port
  • Announce Proxy to Teamspeak 3 Weblist (with working client counter)
TS3Proxy is configured by config.yml. This file contains a section for every component of TS3Proxy.
If you are new to TS3Proxy and have a default TeamSpeak configuration, you probably want to adjust the remoteAddress.
  • Each component can be activated or deactivated by setting enabled to either True or False.
  • The relayAddress and relayPort describe the address where the proxy listens for user data. If relayAddress is, the proxy listens on all interfaces.
  • The remoteAddress and remotePort describe the TeamSpeak 3 server address. The remoteAddress can be either a hostname or an IP address.
Note that the file transport has to have the same port on both sides (relayPort and remotePort). Otherwise the file transfer will not work.

Blacklist / Whitelist
The blacklist or whitelist can be used to ban proxy users by IP address or to only allow specific users to use the proxy. If you use the whitelist, the blacklist will be ignored. All entries in the whitelist will be able to use the proxy, every other IP will be blocked.
The list files (blacklist.txt and whitelist.txt) contain one IP address per line. The files should be created in the folder that contains config.yml.

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