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Resource BFBC2 Client Mod Pack 2018-01-20

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Gam3R submitted a new resource:

BFBC2 Client Mod Pack - Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC Client Mod Pack For Multiplayer Maps

What does this Mod Pack Include?

1. Third person camera
Press C to use

2. Soldiers skins from single player game
Some default skins are replaced by single player soldiers skins

3. New textures for weapons
Some weapons now have a new texture "camo style"

4. "Katana"
Normal knife is replaced by the " Japan katana sword"

5. New weather
New colors and effects

6. Weapon dynamic light system
Flash from explosion of grenades, C4...
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New member
Hi Gam3r.
i have some problems with instaling this mod. i've downloaded 3p mod before and it works well but this one won't work.... no HUD change, no skin replaced, and no dynami.... i dunno.
what should i do?


BFBC2 Admin
Do a fresh installation of game and then try to install the modpack.
Maybe the previous modpack is interfering with this one
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