Bad Company 2 Server: how to connect?

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Hi guys,

an often asked question is: how to connect to the BFBC2 servers? This can easily get answered: we're using the Venice Unleashed master server. To be able to connect to it just follow this steps:

1. download BFBC2 from Origin / install from CD/DVD
2. Visit the Venice Unleashed Project Rome Website (click here) and download the latest project rome client
3. extract the file and put it into the main folder of BFBC2 (you'll find it in the "Origin Games" folder if you have used Origin)
4. Register an account at Emulator Nexus (click here) - make sure to use a new password and maybe a trash mail. Otherwise there is no guarantee that your password would not get leaked some time (tip: use a different password for all services out there!)
5. start the game and login with your newly created account
6. search for "kandru" server in the server browser

I'll see you on the Battlefield!
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