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  1. kalle

    Adding A Station

    Hi, what station? You mean for the chrome radio extension? There is an explanation here: The Incredible Radio Extension ( Kind Regards, Kalle
  2. kalle

    Poll Valparaiso Only Non Hardcore Rush Server

    I will see what I can do :) as long as it gets played
  3. kalle

    Unban Request: StrikeEagle

    Closing thread an banning user from the board because he did not follow our instructions to simply answer in this thread instead of creating new ones and more direct messages.
  4. kalle

    Unban StrikeEagle

    Hi, please use your initial thread. We currently waiting for an answer. There is no third thread needed. Closing Thread.
  5. kalle

    Unban StrikeEagle

    Hi, we have discussed your ban in the other thread already and this thread ist still open. Please don’t write any private messages as they won’t get answered at all. Please stick to the rules of our board and use the one thread for your unban request. You still have not answered the thread...
  6. kalle

    Unban Request: StrikeEagle

    Hi, I'm free to answer these questions, Gam3r. We always should ban via our banlist to see this kind of data :) 1. Myself 2. 29.07.2018 17:02 3. 55/20 for the day of ban 4. yes, according to other users he's already banned there for aimbot Overall statistics are quite high (1.177 / 377) I...
  7. kalle

    Maintenance: all gameservers affected

    Maintenance done. Everything seems to work very smooth! Have fun and play fair :)
  8. kalle

    Maintenance: all gameservers affected

    Hi, we've successfully migrated our infrastructure to a new dedicated server host from a another provider. This will hopefully increase the reliability of our servers. Webtropia seems to give us old hard disk drives even if we ask for a replacement. The new and replaced HDD was running for more...
  9. kalle

    Maintenance: all gameservers affected

    Dear Community, due to problems with the disks in our gameserver host we‘re unable to provide you our gameserver. Unfortunately this happened today, Friday, right before the weekend. I‘m currently on my way to rebuild the disks and hope that the server is back online in about 12 hours, maybe...
  10. kalle


    Hi, closing topic because there is still no answer for more then 2 weeks.
  11. kalle

    Bad Company 2 Server: how to connect?

    Hi guys, an often asked question is: how to connect to the BFBC2 servers? This can easily get answered: we're using the Venice Unleashed master server. To be able to connect to it just follow this steps: 1. download BFBC2 from Origin / install from CD/DVD 2. Visit the Venice Unleashed Project...
  12. kalle

    Bad Company 2 Server Overview

    Hey guys, this is an overview of all our Bad Company2 Servers: Rushers Paradise - Open Server Details Page - Open Statistics Page - Instant Spawn - 32 Players Conquest of Death - Open Server Details Page - Open Statistics Page - Instant Spawn - 32 Players All servers...
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