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Tool Gossamer's Bad Company 2 Launcher 1.3

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Version 1.3
This tool is meant for players to be able to modify settings that are not changeable from the In-Game settings menu. These are normally found in the settings.ini file in your MyDocuments\BFBC2.
What this application does is load all your settings in and allows you to change them all, save them directly back to the settings.ini file then directly launch your game.
+ Directly Launch Bad Company 2
+ Change Every Single Graphics Option (Including Direct X Level, Field of View, Shadows Detail, etc)
+ Clean GUI-based application for easy navigation
+ Works with Steam, Retail, Direct 2 Drive copies and more
+ Many more features!
This is the first launcher built for Bad Company 2, enjoy!
PS: I have tested this with 3 Steam-Based users and 2 Retail user (Online Activation Method)
- Fixed connection port sometimes crashing the launcher
- Added Links to File Planet and The Game Wardens (Shameless Advertising anybody?)
- Added a warning label above the connection port entry
- Render Ahead Limit is now a drop selection instead of text input to prevent invalid entries
- Preset Quality auto selects Custom if settings are changed (was broken in 1.2a)
- DirectX 9 is limited to 1x Anti-Alising (was broken in 1.2a)
- Minor re-organization of the "Graphics Settings" Area
- Fixed an issue where the launcher would not save settings sometimes
- Reorganized layout to better suit lower resolutions
- Launch button works again
- Added a connection port option
- Reorganized the layout
- Fixed a few rare crashes
- Changed the donate link to the proper site
- Changed the header logo
- Improved the read/write code for better stability
- Graphics drop down boxes' sizes increased so the setting "medium" is not cut off
- HSAO has been corrected and is now written as HBAO
- If the user has DX 9 on, Anti-Ailiasing is set to 1x and the slider is disabled
- Removed DXVersion "AUTO" setting. Users have to specify their DX Version (defaults to Dx9)
- Added in all three preset qualities
- If a user changes a setting from a preset quality, it will automatically set it to "custom" so the customized settings work
- Added in Render Ahead Limit under "General Settings"
- Fixed Read/Write for the settings.ini file not closing properly, ending in crashes
- Added in a check to ensure the user has a settings.ini file (They have ran the game once)
- Added a button that links to Rulesy's FOV Calculator
You will need an archiver program capable of opening up .RAR files in order to extract the program. Once you have the program extracted, proceed to run it.
Since it is your first time running the Launcher, it will ask you to point the launcher to where Bad Company 2 is installed. There are three check boxes at the top, Retail (CD Activation), Steam and Retail (Online Activation). Once you determine what version of bad company 2 you are running, select the appropriate check box and click the browse button and select the EXE file that matches the example located above your browse button.
After selecting the file, proceed to save your settings. Then close the launcher options box. You will now be presented by the main interface where you can change all the settings.
Once you have changed your settings accordingly, click the "Save Settings" button at the bottom center. Then click "Launch Bad Company 2" button and the game should launch.
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