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Modification BFBC2 Client Mod Pack 2018-01-20

No permission to download
What does this Mod Pack Include?

1. Third person camera
Press C to use

2. Soldiers skins from single player game
Some default skins are replaced by single player soldiers skins

3. New textures for weapons
Some weapons now have a new texture "camo style"

4. "Katana"
Normal knife is replaced by the " Japan katana sword"

5. New weather
New colors and effects

6. Weapon dynamic light system
Flash from explosion of grenades, C4, tank shells, RPG, muzzle flashes etc

7. BC1 Vehicle HUD Mod
New HUD to M1A2, T90, Mi28, Mi24, AH64


Installation tutorial: HERE

Mod Description: HERE

Mod Credits: NAPISAL
First release
Last update
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