Hot Potato

Warfork is a fork of Warsow, a fast-paced quake3 style online multiplayer ego-shooter. While we have been playing Warsow since 2009, we did stick to Warfork, as it is available via Steam. This gameserver implements a whole new gamemode for Warfork, which did not exist before.

In our Hot Potato gamemode a random player will get a Potato. The Potato itself acts like a bomb which will explode after a certain amount of time. Every other player does not have a Potato and thus gain points over time. The objective is to get rid of the Potato to earn points and hide from the Potato player. This sounds easy, but skilled players may have a hard time escaping the Potato and hiding in proper places.

However, this gamemode is currently under development and changes will be made from time to time. Whenever you have ideas please contact us via Discord (link on the main page) and give us feedback. We highly appreciate that!

Currently integrated: