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Kandru is always interested for new partners from all sectors. Whether you are a professional e-sports team or a Streamer who enjoys to entertain people all over the world. We are interested in supporting you.

Since 2009 Kandru has been offering its own teamspeak with enough capacity for small teams and groups which can be used without any charge and offers a reliable infrastructure with more than 99% uptime on a yearly basis. Our infrastructure is provided by our own dedicated server and managed entirely by us. This allows us to be independent from a single provider and allows us to schedule maintenance at times where tendentially few players are online.

Transparency is a priority for us: we operate an open infrastructure for all interested parties and would naturally like to invite you to get to know us and to take a look at our administration. In contrast to many other communities around the world we show you exactly how our community works.

What we can offer you:

  • channel and rights on our Teamspeak
  • a friendly and helpful community
  • advertising on our homepage
  • advertising on Facebook and our Steam group

What we expect from you:

  • advertising for our community
  • a good concept for your project