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I have been actively following the GTA online scene for GTAV for several months now. The organization of these projects takes mostly place through Discord and there are also community forums which are however less heavily frequented. After FiveM and various other multiplayer projects are currently under development: GTA:Orange, GTANet.Work and GT:Multiplayer. Regardless of whether it would not be more sensible to operate a large and open project (open source) instead of several small ones there are of course different beliefs and approaches to the projects.

GTA: Orange

GTA: Orange is still one of the younger projects in the scene and for me the most promising. In addition to a good synchronization of the players but not all of the animations / states in the game world it offers the freedom to use a proprietary API which can be used to develop an extension server side. This currently includes Lua and Python. I’m very interested in Python. Python is an extensive and simple scripting language with endless possibilities. There is a library for everything you can imagine to make your own server something special. Unfortunately after an initial euphoria the development is slow. The developers are generally quite inactive you can’t the big progress in development. The last build release has been over a month ago and how much work is done on the project in the mean time is not really clear. Since everything is Closed Source I can’t exactly prove wether they are working on the project or not.


The GtaNet.Work is one of the older projects and already promises that there are no limitations to GTA. Unfortunately this isn’t completely true. Besides a bad synchronisation with such a few players and also many players (50+) it’s almost unplayable. Not only choppy movement but there are missing synchronisations such as animations or states (light in the car, shots in the tank) in the game world. Due to the lack of lag compensation playing with friends is unfortunately a jerky pleasure. In addition one can unfortunately only program in C#. For many people out there the easier way would be to develop with a simple scripting language with optional capability to do the same in C#. The community is currently broken and many developers have gone over to another project called GT:Multiplayer.


Entirely based on the source code of GtaNet.Work and thus offers the completely same gaming experience. Many developers have switched to the new project because of inconsistencies in the old project. There is also a lot going on on the Discord server. Unfortunately there are also many trolls who are only too happy to interfere in discussions of which they have no idea. Apart from this problem one has to look at how this project develops over the next months. In my opinion there is still much to do and without real transparency it will may have the same problems like GtaNet.Work.


Basically many players have been waiting for a mod for a long time which makes it possible to create their own game world. Unfortunately so far none of the modifications have met all basic requirements for me:

  • Stable synchronization between the players
  • Stable API with most features from GTAV
  • Transparent communication with the community
  • Regular appearance of new versions or progress in development

However not enough time has passed so it is important to wait and see how the projects will develop further in the coming months.



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