Maintenance for our backup infrastructure

Over the last few day our infrastructure was partly broken down. These failures are problems with the Webtropia Support. Only one additional hard drive should be installed so that the backups do not slow down the rest of the infrastructure during the day. Unfortunately this did not work as expected. Webtropia used an old hard […]


Our new Discord Server

We’re happy to announce our new Discord server. Now it doesn’t matter if you prefer Teamspeak3 or Discord – we’ll have a nice communication tool for you and your friends! Feel free to join our server now.


Transparency Report February 2017

To let you easily participate in the Kandru.Network in future there will be a monthly report with some quite useful information about the last month. This is the overview of all news from february 2017: TeamMeetings Since mid-February there have been regular team meetings (every two weeks). Within these team meetings which all moderators, administrators […]


Create your Kandru Account

Creating an account for our projects has never been that easy. Just visit our Website and register your account in one easy step. After that you can immediately login on and other services of kandru.


First steps for transparency: graphs

Dear Kandru Community, we recently had some changes to our transparency project. From now on we provide you some statistics (and we will add even more statistics in future) so that you can see what actually happens with our infrastructure. These graphs get refreshed every minute so make sure you hit F5 to reload the […]


GameShare Project cancelled

Dear Community, since more then two years the GameShare project has developed and maintained the Gamespy alternative GameMaster. But now it’s time to shutdown the page and to concentrate on a single project: kandru. Please note that all user accounts from will still be usable on as well when we get our internal […]