because playing together is more fun

The Kandru.Network is your personal Community with friendly members and administrators. We offer you private channels for your friends or teams.

We are proud to offer you an own teamspeak group with additional rights for your team. A partnership with kandru would be a win-win situation for everyone.

Latest Information


Kandru eSports App Release

Kandru eSports will be an growing app for gaming related news, videos and live streams. Imagine an app that shows you the newest eSports news, videos and livestreams. Our goal is to add as many sources as possible that are gaming related to our little app. If you have feature requests or ideas just let […]


Merry Christmas!

We wish all members of the Kandru.Network a peaceful and joyful Christmas season. Of course we are also available on the holidays as usually. You can find our Teampeak at “ts3.kandru.de”. Just in time for Christmas I have also finished the better homepage. There is still something to do but we already offer you new […]


Kandru Messenger

For many years more and more Messenger enter the market. We do not see ourselves as competitors to WhatsApp, Threema or other large commercial messengers. We are convinced that an open and free infrastructure that everyone can run is much better than a centralized communication system. With KandruIM you can stay in touch with your […]